CDS operations and facilities provide state-of-the-art protection for your documents

Nothing is more vital to the successful management and storage of your records than the security measure used to protect them. CDS facilities employ a wide variety of advanced technologies to ensure that your documents are protected from harm—whether from criminal activity or natural disasters. From transporting your documents in locked containers to year-round complete climate control, to 24-hour closed-circuit video and motion detectors in the aisles, CDS keeps your documents under tight watch.

CDS security measures include:

  • Transportation of documents in locked containers on locked trucks
  • 24-hour, closed-circuit video surveillance of all access points, dock work areas, and parking locations
  • Motion detectors in main aisles, office, and access points
  • Fire, smoke, and burglar alarms throughout the facility
  • Access to records by authorized client representatives only
  • All visitors, clients, prospects, and vendors required to sign into the facility visitors log and wear an assigned visible ID badge