Records Storage & Retrieval – Municipalities

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New York State MU-1 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule indicates the minimum length of time that officials of Cities (other than New York City, Towns, Villages and Fire Districts must retain their records before they may be disposed of legally. Before records disposition takes place, this Schedule must be formally adopted by resolution of the governing body. The State Archives has prepared and issued this Schedule in accordance with state law and regulation.

New York State Archives

Officials of cities, towns, villages and other governmental entities are responsible for and subject to records retention requirements, typically set by their home state. Among other purposes, such retention schedules are designed to ensure that:

● Records are retained as long as needed for administrative, legal, and fiscal purposes
● State and federal retention requirements are met
● Historically significant records are archived
● A systematic disposal of unnecessary records is in place

CDS has in-depth familiarity with New York State’s Records Retention and Disposition Schedule MU-1 governing municipalities. We can establish a Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for your organization that will protect your records according to regulatory requirements, provide you with easy access to stored records when needed, and dispose of unneeded records, with your prior approval, when their retention period expires.