CDS Records Management System

Even though your records are stored off-site, they are still under your control, with access anytime you need it through a secure, online portal.

And because your records management system is all electronic, retrieving records is far easier than having an employee search through banker’s boxes in your basements.

CDS Records Management System:

  • Provides secure, space- and labor-saving document storage
  • Registers each file box at pick up with an index description   that you determine and a barcode for tracking and retrieval
  • Enables you to designate levels of authorized employee access
  • Reinforces compliance with industry and government   regulations for records retention
  • Provides delivery of retrieved records in person or via email Virtually eliminates risk of damage to your records due to fire,   theft, flood, or other unforeseen event
  • Helps keep your business­­­ and your records better organized
  • Offers archive-quality storage boxes as requested

At CDS, we understand how the accumulation of documents can impact your business. They take up space, employee attention, and can detract significantly from the productivity of your organization. Your CDS records management system not only frees up employees and saves valuable space, it eliminates the chance of lost files, which can be a costly event if you are ever required to produce past records to answer legal or regulatory requests.