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document shredding of business records and papers

“Our agency has used Certified Document Storage and we find the service is reliable and professional. The pick-up is done promptly on the day schedules, and a Certificate of Destruction is produced after every pick-up. We feel safe with their service, as we have confidential information that must be stored and destroyed in a professional manner. I recommend Certified to any business or individual in need of this type of service.”

Laura L Mortefolio, President, David H Rivenburgh Agency Inc.

Businesses face a number of challenges when dealing with paper documents and client records. Regardless of their size, businesses are required by federal law to keep their clients’ records safe and secure. According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, (FACTA), which helps protect consumers from identity theft, violations can cost a company $1,000 per affected individual.

Managing a document-storage program internally isn’t always a wise move. Space, or the lack thereof, usually prevents businesses from keeping decades of paper records on-site. Add in the labor time associated with handling these documents internally, and a well-run office can become distracted by a task that eats up valuable staff time. Neglect this important function however, can expose your company and your clients to identify theft by a disgruntled employee, the maintenance or cleaning staff, or other individuals with access to your workspace.

Protect Your Customer’s Privacy with Document Storage by CDS

Here’s how our process works: CDS picks up your sensitive documents at your location according to ARMA-compliant security protocol. These documents are placed in a lockable bin, carried out to a secure truck and transported to a highly secure CDS facility. Our facilities are fully equipped with alarms and cameras that connect directly to local fire and police departments. Each camera records 24/7, 365 days per year to ensure the documents you entrust to us are not lost, destroyed, or disturbed without your express authorization.

When you need to retrieve a document or case file, you can notify us via a secure online portal and your request will be fulfilled by delivery in person or through email.

CDS Secure Document Shredding Services

When it comes time to destroy sensitive documents or when stored documents are no longer needed or relevant, Trust in CDS provides, secure and complete document shredding services for your business..