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Healthcare practices generate and maintain many different types of records, including patient health records and business records. To protect records, healthcare practices should develop and implement formal file storage, retention policies, and procedures. These records help practices maintain critical information and deliver quality services and care. Because of their important role, file storage needs to be appropriately maintained and managed throughout their lifecycle — from creation to destruction.

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The healthcare industry faces some of the strictest file storage and privacy requirements for protecting an individual’s confidential information. Patient medical records — listing everything from social security numbers to addresses to birthdays, not to mention health information — contain some of the most valuable resources for identity thieves. It is essential that these medical records be properly stored and protected to ensure that the information remains private. It is also the law.

How long should medical records be stored?

The answer isn’t black and white as laws vary by state. They differ on whether the records are held by private practice medical doctors or by hospitals. The length of time records are kept also depends on whether the patient is an adult or a minor. Generally, medical records are kept anywhere from five to ten years after a patient’s latest treatment, discharge or death. You can learn more about medical records here.

At CDS Document Storage, our process for document and file storage employs a highly trained team that collects and handles your documents with the utmost care and security. CDS processes your confidential records through state-of-the-art, secure file storage protocols, and provides secure document disposal when appropriate to help reduce risk and ensure that your patients’ information is protected. You can learn more about our secure document shredding services and at our site.