Document Storage & Retrieval – FAQs

Are there restrictions on the kind or number of documents I can store?

No. At CDS document storage, we can store virtually any type of documents in almost any quantity. And depending on your preference, documents and files can be stored electronically as scanned images of the originals, or as paper documents in sealed bankers’ boxes.

How are my documents protected?

Your documents are protected in a variety of ways. They are collected or delivered to your work site using secure containers. They are held in a highly secure facility protected by security personnel as well as alarms, motion detectors, and round-the-clock video surveillance cameras.

When can I get to my documents?

Even though your documents are stored offsite, you can ask us to retrieve and deliver paper records to your work place. You also have access anytime you need it through a secure, online portal.

Who has access to my records?

You can designate individuals for various levels of access. Individuals can be designated to have general access, or their access can be limited to specific records.

How long do you hold onto my records?

Each individual record is given a record retention schedule at the time of intake. This tells us how long the records must be held, whether the retention schedule is governed by some legal entity, as well as what method and record of destruction may be required. We also provide secure document shredding when the records are no longer needed.

Do you keep track of who interacts with my records?

Yes. We keep an electronic log of the time, date, record accessed, and name of the individual who accessed the record. This activity is available for review through the secure, online portal.

Do I have to contact you each time I want some documents stored?

That depends on a couple factors. If you just have an occasional or sporadic need for storage, that can be handled by a phone call or online request at the time of need. If you have records that accumulate and require storage regularly, we can set up a system that automatically alerts us when you’re ready for the documents to be collected.

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